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III International Ecuadorean Mango Congress
On behalf of Fundación Mango del Ecuador, we are hereby pleased to invite you to attend to our “III International Ecuadorean Mango Congress”, to be held in Guayaquil – Ecuador during September 2 & 3 of 2010, at the Oro Verde Hotel. As usual, for this event which is organized every two years we are expecting a very large attendance, as it has become an outstanding meeting point for growers, packers, shippers, distributors and wholesalers, related with the Mango Industry. Plenty of visitors from Brazil, Peru, Mexico, United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Europe have already confirmed their presence. Several relevant issues such as quality controls, harvest & post-harvest methods, cold storage procedures, and marketing strategies will be discussed at the Congress. For this purpose we will be honored by the visit of some of the most reputed experts in these fields, who will be sharing their experiences and points of view in this regards according with the attached program. The 2010 “III International Ecuadorean Mango Congress” is sponsored by several foreign produce marketing and distribution companies, as well as by local providers dealing with carton, sea transportation, agro-chemical products, among others. We are also attaching the registration form that must be filled and e-mailed back to us at or . The registration fee is USD$.140.00 per person and USD$.110.00 for more than 2 attendants. This amount entitles you to participate on all the activities and meetings during the Congress, including lectures, lunch, coffee breaks and social activities. We look forward to see you in September. Best Regards.
Ecuadorian Mango Varieties
Each mango has a unique flavor and texture, which makes mango tasting an adventure of new discoveries! Try mangos at different stages of ripeness and at different times of the year. You'll be glad you did.
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Mango Ecuadorian Foundation is a non profit organization whose main objective is to support the producer, exporters and industry sectors with a concern on the most efficient and sustainable use of our natural resources.
"Slice & Scoop" Mango Cutting Method
Stand the mango on your cutting board stem end down and hold. Place your knife about 1/4" from the widest center line and cut down through the mango.
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